Production methods

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The splitting machines are at the heart of our production. Most of the products we make start here. Many of our raw materials come to us in large block sizes, or sheets. We have the ability to split a wide variety of materials and can therefore offer a wide range of materials in the thickness you need.
We can also convert blocks to roll goods. This creates production advantages for us and our customers. Long rolls of material will reduce the set-up time so that we and you get a more stable process.

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For simpler dimensions or adaptable shapes we use saws. This a simple, effective production method with no investment costs for you, as the customer.
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Die cutting

Modern, efficient die-cutting machines enable us to provide customized solutions. Die-cutting machines with rotating head, or rolls together with advanced CAD programmes ensure optimal use of materials and equipment.
The shapes can vary from simple squares to complex shapes in different dimensions. The investment cost will vary, depending on the volumes and complexity.
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Our sophisticated equipments for laminating adhesives, various foils and textiles, enable us to create the right combination to meet your requirements. . The machines are modern, efficient and highly accurate.

Flame lamination is a good method for combining materials with a higher melting temperature, and hot air lamination for materials with lower melting temperatures, like PE foams. Different kind of self-adhesives, transfer tapes and adhesive films can be used in calendar and roll lamination machines. Hot-melt and powder adhesive lamination methods are also widely in use.
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Thermoforming- Vacum

We can give them the shape and dimension we want to materials by heating them up to a temperature at which they will deform. A tool designed according to your drawings and requirements, translates into a finished product. The investment cost varies, depending on the complexity and the expected volume and lifetime of the product.
NMC along with leading partners in the tool construction and industrial design, give you the results you want.

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Special- Custom made

This is a small department that creates great value. Here we assemble, cut and convert according to your preference. Everything cannot be done by machines, or perhaps the volumes are not in place to motivate investments. We nonetheless offer a process where your requirements are met.
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Flash cut, Water Jet

Whether the cutting medium is water, laser or a knife the principle is the same. A CAD drawing is the common denominator. It gives us flexible production data without the investment costs. You as a customer can calmly assess the dimensions and shape in relation to your application.

Water Jet Cutting with several servo motor controlled nozzles and automatic nozzle distance systems is a very fast and flexible cutting method. Shuttle table solutions are far more efficient compared with traditional cutting methods.